Rocking HE Performance Horses

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Have you looked everywhere for the horse that fits your needs? And a horse that is what the seller says ?? How about a trainer who doesn't promise false statements and will push you/ and or your horse to your full potential? If you answered yes to any of these questions check out Rocking HE Performance Horses!

Why us?

Here at Rocking HE performance horses I strive to make make your experience with us a lasting impression so that you might spread the word about my company and the services that I have to offer. I want people to enjoy the sport of barrel racing but this means that their horse must also. When buying a horse to train on barrels some will not cut it and be sold as trail horses or other performance horses. I will not train a horse  that i do not think will do good on the barrel pattern and in their new home. I want people to hear that a client got a horse from me and be impressed. So i am starting my business on honesty and hard work to get my horses in the right hands that will take them far.. In any kind of sport where you have a partnership the team must be able to work together. My goal is to fit the right horse with the right rider. To me matching a good pair means more than money.  We sell quality not quantity. 

About Rocking HE Performance Horses

Rocking HE performance horses is going to be taking in horses/ or coming to your place to train/ tune up any horse. I have been in  the barrel world my whole life and now I am offering the training that my family learned from Larry Stevens. My parents trained along Larry up until his unexpected death. I will start horses from the ground up, train them on barrels. ( play day or serious competing), or simply just trail horses and/ or horses that have developed a bad habit. I also offer quality horses for sale these will be anything from barrel horses to trail or other performance horses. I will also work with the rider and give lessons, rather this is simply riding lessons or barrel racing lessons.  I have references if needed. My number is 918-905-2825. Thanks so much for showing interest in my business!